Monday, April 30, 2012


I dont know about you, but i LOVE cake plates.  No, not the little plates that come in your dishes set, i talking the real- um, ok, some call them cake 'stands'?

I was recently at an antique store in Winfield, Kansas ( i'm not saying the name because i cannot remember it and i didnt buy anything there) where in one of the rooms she had a great big dining room table FULL, i talkin' COVERED with cake plates.  Light green, pale blue and pink, nontransparent glass and simple, smooth, beautiful stands. 

I have two of my own that i've picked up at estate sales so that inspired me to bake a cake yesterday.  Maybe i should post my recipe?  Anyway,  the cake looks great on the plate so i thought that if you did not have a cake plate, you need to get one!  Here are some of my favorite pictures i found while looking around the web because i love them so much and i couldnt resist. 

(OK so i'm on ANOTHER kick now.  So what?)

How neat! i should paint one for display like this!

ok now i want a square one...

one of mine looks a lot like this

so delicate and darling

Crystal! i think i'd be afraid to own this one! ( i'm sometimes such a klutz!)

Well, that's all for now.
Headed for the fabric store again today!
 I hope you enjoyed these wonderful cake plate pictures.

Which is your favorite?  Do you just love cake plates or do already have one of your own?

So long,

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The Farmer's Daughter said...

I love em, too! Last count I had 23? All of mine are clear glass--some old, some new--some my Mom's, some my Aunt's, the rest collected. They make great display props for small collectibles, too. After seeing your examples, I might just branch out into some colored glass ones!