Monday, April 30, 2012


I dont know about you, but i LOVE cake plates.  No, not the little plates that come in your dishes set, i talking the real- um, ok, some call them cake 'stands'?

I was recently at an antique store in Winfield, Kansas ( i'm not saying the name because i cannot remember it and i didnt buy anything there) where in one of the rooms she had a great big dining room table FULL, i talkin' COVERED with cake plates.  Light green, pale blue and pink, nontransparent glass and simple, smooth, beautiful stands. 

I have two of my own that i've picked up at estate sales so that inspired me to bake a cake yesterday.  Maybe i should post my recipe?  Anyway,  the cake looks great on the plate so i thought that if you did not have a cake plate, you need to get one!  Here are some of my favorite pictures i found while looking around the web because i love them so much and i couldnt resist. 

(OK so i'm on ANOTHER kick now.  So what?)

How neat! i should paint one for display like this!

ok now i want a square one...

one of mine looks a lot like this

so delicate and darling

Crystal! i think i'd be afraid to own this one! ( i'm sometimes such a klutz!)

Well, that's all for now.
Headed for the fabric store again today!
 I hope you enjoyed these wonderful cake plate pictures.

Which is your favorite?  Do you just love cake plates or do already have one of your own?

So long,

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Free Vintage Crochet Pattern: Perky Snood

Here it is!  The cutest, easiest little snood pattern of all time.
Using a yarn color similar to your hair color is more conservative but feel free to use what ever you would like.  Personally, I've had my eye on a yellow, red and orange blend of yarn that i just might have to try.  And remember that you can substitute the 4-ply wool and  size 3 hook for any other kind of yarn or hook as long as your gauge is the same.
Original 1942 pattern from

~Perky Snood
2 oz. 4-ply wool.
1 crochet hook, size 3- 1 yd. grosgrain ribbon.
23 inches round elastic.
4 meshes -- 3 inches.

Perky Snood

Ch. 49. First Row--~ long treble crochet (long tr.) in 12th st. from hook, * ch. 4, skip 4 sts. on ch. 1 long tr. in next st.; repeat from *, ending ch. 4, skip 1 st., 1 long tr. in last st. Ch. 9, turn.
Row 2- l long tr. in first long tr. of Row below, * ch. 4, 1 long tr. in next long tr.; repeat from *, ending ch. 4, 1 long tr. in 5th st. of turning ch., ch. 4, 1 long tr. in same st. as last long tr. Ch. 9, turn.

Repeat last Row 6 times (23 meshes). Ch. 9, turn.

Row 9--Skip ch. 4, 1 long tr. in next long tr., * ch. 4, 1 long tr. in next long tr.; repeat from *, ending ch. 4, 1 long tr. in 5th st. of turning ch. (23 meshes). Ch. 9, turn. Repeat last Row 7 times, ending last Row ch. 5 instead of 9.

Row 17--Skip ch. 4, 1 long tr. in next long tr., work even to within 2 meshes of end, ch. 4; yarn over3 times, insert hook in next long tr. and draw up a loop, over, take off 2 loops 3 times in succession, wrap yarn over hook 3 times, insert hook in 5th st. of turning ch. and draw up a loop (6 loops on hook), over, take off 2 loops 3 times in succession, over, take off 3 loops (a decreasing long tr.), ch. 5, turn.

Row 18--Skip ch. 4, : long tr. in next long tr., work 18 meshes, ch. 4, work a decreasing long tr. in last u long tr. Ch. 5, turn.

Decrease 1 mesh each side of each of next 6 rows as in last Row. Ch. l, do not turn.

Border. Sew ends of a 22-inch piece of round elastic together. Working around elastic, work 2 S.C. in each mesh on entire outer edge, join with slip st. to first S.C. Fasten off.

Make a tailored bow of ribbon and sew to front of snood as shown in illustration.

This pattern is similar to the one worn by pin up model Miss Amanda Lee and sold on Etsy

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Snood Inspiration!!

Here we are on another vintage inspired day!
Today i thought I'd go with a little snood inspiration.  My hair is more of bandanna length for working but I'm still addicted to snoods.
*Be sure to check out my 'Victory Rolls and Victory Gardens' post on my other blog; Outside My Window by clicking HERE!

I have a wonderful, easy crochet pattern coming up so i thought i get everybody ready for it with a little inspiration.  ( i know I'm probably driving everyone crazy with the crochet patterns but i just can't resist!)  So here it is.  Its also a little bit of a cop-out because Ive been working a lot in my Victory Garden and i need to post something really fast but i love snoods.  Talk about an easy way to go 1940s!

Simple, yet so elegant.  I could never pull off a rust colored snood and a green dress like she does!

SWOON! So many colors!
a fabric one to match my dress?  Yes thank you!

Protecting her permanent wave!

I think this one is attached to her hat! so cute!

Oh! she has short hair like me! *take note Beth!*

Big ribbons anyone?

Here is a more sweeping, longer style with a small pompadour.  ELEGANT!

Vintage Add for snoods and nets

Umbrella cover and bun snood? who would have thought?

i know this isn't a snood, but i fell in love with this just now

And last but not least, the picture from the upcoming crochet pattern!

Monday, April 23, 2012

What's On My Bookshelf: Dear Enemy by Jack Cavanaugh

(no, this is not a sponsored post, just an example of what i like and love and call my own.)

Good Morning and Happy Monday!  I trust that you are having a wonderful Monday for a wonderful week.
Today i wanted to do another one of these 'What's On My Bookshelf' posts because i read a wonderful book last Friday.  Really, i read it in one day.  I couldn't put it down it was so good.

Dear Enemy by: Jack Cavanaugh, published by Bethany House Publishers, copy write 2005.
Here is the description from the back of the book:
"Nurse Anne Mitchell, after seeing firsthand the atrocities of war, has concluded, along with most of her fellow Americans, that the enemy is inhuman and thoroughly depraved.  But when a rouge rescue mission ends in tragedy, a bereft Annie finds herself in the middle of Belgium's Ardennes Forest, behind enemy lines- and captured.  What transpires in the bitter cold of the following days, however, is impossible for Annie to reconcile with er preconceived ideas about the enemy.  Her captor, Karl Hausmann, doesn't fit the stereotype she has embraced- and the encounter changes everything for her.  Tested by prejudice and the separation of time and continents, Anne must build on the awakening if life and love are ever to hold any true meaning for her again.  Dear Enemy is the story of heroic love, faith, and the unexpected, emerging in the wake of one of WWII's most fierce and bloody battles- the Battle of the Bulge."

I have to say that i truly love this book and that i will be reading again.  I read a lot, all the time.  I go to a couple different libraries a couple times a month and  I love it.  I enjoy a lot of books but there are few that i really really love and get into like i did this one.

This book made me laugh out loud at times.  I really loved all of the characters and Cavanaugh made me feel like i knew each one, they were colorful, hilarious, shady, people i loved from the start and people that made honest to goodness shivers run down my spine.  The wit and humor was masterful and crazy (in a way that i love because i could never in a thousand years think of it myself).

It was dramatic.  My emotions were on edge, the situations were tense and real.  Cavanaugh is truly blessed with his writing talent and the way he can weave words so that you really feel the fear, humor, anticipation, eagerness or whatever it may be.  I really got into this story, it was historically, time-period and geographically accurate.  He takes the story smoothly from one surprise to another.  There were so many unexpected happenings~

Another thing is that it is refreshing to read male authors.  Their writing style IS different from female authors, but sometimes they skip some 'important' things and leave us gals wondering.  Not here.  All of my questions were answered leaving just enough to the imagination of the reader.

I think that's enough for now, so I'll close by saying that i will totally recommend this book to anyone, especially for people who love WWII, history and stories with just that perfect touch of romance!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Free Vintage Crochet Pattern: 1940s Springtime Blossoms

Here it is!  This bag is made to match the Springtime hat in yesterday's post.  Its cute and so retro!

The only problem i had with this was that you need a bag bottom for, well, the bottom of the bag.  I just used a very small crochet hook with the regular belstraw art (i used smaller hook so stitches would be tighter and sturdier) and just crocheted until i got the size i wanted and then sewed cloth to the inside.  You can do what ever you want or you can to to the Free Vintage Crochet website where they have a bunch a crochet bag patterns or theAntique Crochet Patterns website (where i got this pattern) for more.  Oh yea, and if you're a knitter, be sure to check out Free Vintage Knitting website.

Have fun crocheting!!!

Free Crochet Purse Pattern:
Crochet a Stylish Bag

Springtime Bag - Free Crochet Pattern

Hiawatha Belastraw Art. 35, 3 Tubes
Hiawatha Leather Bag Bottom No. 6515
Steel Crochet Hooks No. 1 and No. 0
Lining Material, Buckram and Snap Fasteners
Flower Trimming

Gauge: 5 sc = 1"

Springtime Bag - Sides
Using No. 1 hook start work in hole nearest one seam.
Rnd 1: With right side facing, work 2 sc in each hole around. Change to No. 0 hook and work sc even until crocheted section is 6" deep. Sl st in next st. End off.

Springtime Bag - Flap
With No. 0 hook make 5 1/2" chain.
Rnd 1: Sc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch to end, 5 sc in end ch, do not turn but continuing around, work sc in each st along other side of starting chain, ending with 5 sc in end ch.
Rnd 2: Sc in each st to 5 end sts, place marker along edge just worked to indicate back section of Flap, work 3 sc in next st for back corner, sc in each of next 3 sts, 2 so in next st (front inc.), sc in each st of front section to 5 sts at other end, 2 sc in next st (front, inc.), sc in each of next 3 sts, 3 sc in next st for hack corner.
Rnd 3: Sc in each st to 3 sc of hack corner, sc in next st, 3 sc in next (center) st, inc. 2 sc evenly across front section (not directly over inc. of previous rnd), work to next back corner, sc in next st, 3 sc in next (center) st. Repeat 3rd rnd until Flap measures 8 1/4" across back section. Work 1 rnd even, Sl st in next st. End off.

Springtime Bag - Handle
Make 22" chain.
Rnd 1: Same as 1st rnd of Flap.
Rnd 2: * Sc in each st to 5 end sts, sc in each of next 2 sts, 3 sc in next (center) st. Repeat from * once more. Work 1 more rnd with 3 sc in center st at each end. Sl st in next st. End off.

Finishing for Springtime Bag
Sew back edge of Flap to outside of one long edge of Sides 1/2" below top edge, making sure ends of Flap are directly above corners of leather bottom. Line crocheted portion of bag with double fabric and buckram interlining. Fold in top edges of short ends of Sides (to form gussets). Tack at folds. Sew 2 snap fasteners to curved edge of flap. Line Handle with ribbon and attach as shown. Tack Flower in place.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Free Vintage Crochet Hat Pattern: 1940s Springtime Blossoms

Ok then, we'll try this again.  Something happened and now i have to start over (oh well!).

Good mornin', good mornin'!  I hope you enjoyed that peppy little song the other day.  But now its time to move on with one of my favorite crochet patterns in my favorite department, hats!
I found this the other day on the web and realized just how much i need a good spring hat.  I saw it and just fell in love with it.  The bag pattern will be coming tomorrow, so stay tuned. 
I found it onAntique Crochet Patterns (.com).  They do have some different stuff on there than like a suit pattern!  I just might have to try that some time!
Anyway, here it is, enjoy:

Springtime Hat - Free Crochet Hat Pattern

Free Crochet Hat Pattern:
Crochet a Stylish Ladies Hat

Hiawatha Belastraw Art. 35, 2 Tubes
Steel Crochet Hook No. 0
Flowers for Trimming

Springtime Hat - Crown
Rnd 1: Ch 2, work 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook.
Rnd 2: 2 sc in each st (12 sc). Mark beg. of rnds.
Rnd 3: * Sc in next st, 2 sc in next st. Repeat from * around (18 sc - 6 inc).
Rnd 4: Inc. 6 sc evenly around (not directly over inc. of previous rnd).
Repeat 4th rnd until piece is 6" across.
Work 2 rnds even.
Next Rnd: Inc. 6 sc evenly around. Work even until hat is 5 1/2" from beginning. Sl st in next st.

Springtime Hat - Brim
Ch 2, turn.
Rnd 1: Through back lps only work as follows: Over, draw up lp in next st to measure 1/2", (over, draw up lp in same place) twice; over and through all lps (puff st made) * (ch 1, puff st in next st) 3 times; skip next st. Repeat from * around.
Rnd 2: * Ch 1, puff st in next ch-1 space. Repeat from * around.
Repeat 2nd rnd until Brim is 3" wide.
Last Rnd: Rather loosely work sc in each ch-1 space around. Join and fasten off. Double brim to right side.

Trimming for Springtime Hat
Tack Brim up at one side and trim with flowers as pictured

Monday, April 16, 2012

Good Morning!

  Here's a little morning cheer to help you start your day from Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney.
  For some reason i woke up singing this song.  Its from their 1939 movie 'Babes in Arms'.
  The sun is shining and the sky is blue and its cool and breezy outside, the perfect morning!
  I hope you have a wonderful Monday morning!

                                          (Please remember to turn off the music player at the
                                                 bottom left of the page)

Isn't Judy's outfit so cute?

Until next time,

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easy, Authentic, Everyday 1940s Hair Part 2: the Style

  Welcome, welcome, welcome to my little corner of the woods... er, prairie.  (it is Kansas after all)  I dont know what it's like in your part of the country but in mine, its strange!  Its really humid and windy, sometimes its cloudy and then the sun bursts out and then disappears behind fast moving, dark cotton. I heard on the radio this morning that the storm chasers are coming to the area and some have already made it.  Everyone is talking about the severe storms that are supposed to make there way through here tonight and then we're supposed to get a nastier round of them (with some tornadoes) on Saturday.  The news puts an erie expectation on things and kind of dampens my excitement for the weekend.  Pleas remember the folks here in Kansas and in Oklahoma this weekend.  My family down there was saying that the weather guy expected the storms to be even worse than up here.
  Anyway, on to today's business where we will be finishing the wonderful, beautiful, authentic 40s style.
 After taking your rollers out very gently, unless you used larger rollers like Ashley in the LisaFreemontStreet video, you'll have very small ringlets or (if you used setting lotion) some small, funny looking little curls kind of like the picture below.
  The next step is VERY important.  If you have lots of larger ringlets DO NOT do this, just skip to the next step because brushing these out will basically ruin the curls.  If you want your style to be more relaxed then that's fine, brush them, but authenticity and getting the hair to pile correctly on your head is due to having actual curls and not waves.
  As pictured below, take a very large wide toothed comb or pick and comb the lowest curls up, so what you're doing is separating the curl into a million pieces.   Do not panic, its gonna be super wow.  Comb GENTLY until the most of the frizz  is gone.  If it flops into a puffy mess while you move on to other curls, that's just fine, don't pay any attention to it. 
Then comb the other curls out in the same manner, starting with the curls closest to the middle part and then after combing, laying them onto your head.  NOTE: do not comb any of these curls against your hand or head, be gentle and dint comb out the very top curls as much.
  Use your comb to carefully fluff up the bangs in an up/back direction.

  Then take each side, hold straight out from your head and lightly twist back, very carefully and just a very few times.  this is illustrated in the hilarious picture below.  (and no this is not an insult to brown haired greens, because i am one)

The next step is kind of hard to explain and i don't even really know how exactly to do this.  It just comes from  trial and error and so it may take you a couple of tries to do this next step.
  I can tell you this much: to just draw each side back/up, and laying the curls down on your head from behind your bangs and arranging then after pinning in the back... of course i don't have to tell you to do one side at a time, the picture above is just showing you that for, you know, purposes.
The drawing below does not have any curls so you'll be able to see better what is going on so the part that sticks out on the forehead will be shorter when curled and you don't have to pin or have curl in the exact same places.  Do whats best according to experience and your hair type. 

This gives you a very rough idea of whats going on here. 
Remember to pin each side back far onto the head.  I mean back, I'm talking close to the middle part. the curls will spread onto your head.

 Spray this front part thoroughly with hairspray.

  Also remember that there can and needs to be some volume on the sides, which is part of the reason why we twisted it.  We don't want it to be very flat on the sides and then tall on the head, its not flattering to ones face.

  I hope these posts helped.  I did the set last night and then the style this morning just to make sure i hadn't skipped anything or left any important details out so there are a few revisions to Part 1.
  I hope you have a wonderful day!
  So long,

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easy, Authentic, Everyday 1940s Hair Part 1: The Set

I thought I'd take a moment to share with you just a little more about 1940s everyday hair.   I gave you 2 options on how to do it on my Monday post.  I mentioned that sometime i might show ya'll how i do it most of the time, so here it is. 
I usually have my hair damp after a shower, but if i didnt get a very good set the day before then i will use a little fingertip sprayer to dampen each section of hair  and then work a little setting lotion through it before rolling.  I use Proclaim Super Setting Lotion (i got it from Sally Beauty Supply) Its not a concentrate so i dont have to dilute it which i like. 
For the front of my hair i use size medium foam (or sponge) rollers. (i got them from Dollar General)  In the back, it varies.  Sometimes i do pin curls or other foam rollers, really anything.  on my cleaning days i leave the back straight and put it up in a scarf.  It's so cute!
Anyway, just to give you a heads up, my drawings are really bad (i did them on the camputer) so try not to laugh too hard.  Hopefully you'll be able to get the just of it, which is really all that matters, right?

For the front, i use 12 sponge rollers (medium) which is perfect for my just-brushing-my-shoulder length hair.  Its also not damaged at all (the only heat stuff i own is a curling iron and hot rollers, which i never use) and it also doesnt have any color in it and its very straight.    This makes it really really hard to curl and then maintain that set through the day.  Use however many rollers you need.  After all, you know best about your hair thickness and length, but the main goal is to have tons of tiny curls.
I start with a middle part and section off a part from middle part down to my ear.  Do this on both sides and tie of the back with a hairband or something.
Then i take my eyebrow length bangs, part them in the middle and roll each side towards the middle part.  (If you dont have bangs thats fine, just divide your top hair into two.)  Roll your bangs very very TIGHTLY.   You want these to really curl so that when you brush them they dont turn into a lopsided mess.
Continue in this manner with the rest of the hair, rolling towards the part very tightly and on-base.(make sure the top rollers are close together and the rollers with bangs in them not on your forehead very much at all.)
I think you get the picture...
Ha ha. :/

Like i said, with the back you can do anything you want, i'm just focusing on the importance of the front set.
I always set my hair overnight so this is when i would sit and read a book for a while to let it dry better and then cover it with a scarf and go to bed.
Thats all for now.  Tomorrow we'll go into the actuall style.
Also remember to add more rollers if your hair is SUPER thick and less if its thinner.
(wow.  Its storming and the thunder sounds cool. )
Its rattling the windows and vibrating the floor its so loud and low!
Cool huh?  Doris and Dee Dee (my dogs) are kind of going nuts.
Anyway... I hope this helps!
Until tomorrow,
So long,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Crazy People

The Boswell Sisters  were were the most popular singing sisters of the 1930s.
Martha, Connee and Helvetia had a startling close harmony and interesting rhythmic  way of singing that has captivated listeners for years and years.
Although i have not found any official information to confirm this, I have watched and listened to the sisters quite a bit and have come up with this conclusion. 
In the video i have posted below and in the top right picture,  Martha (the oldest) is sitting at the piano and singing lower harmonies.
Connee, (changed her name from Connie in the 40s  and went on to have a solo career) is singing lead and sitting with Martha on the piano bench.
Helvetia is singing higher harmonies and is standing behind them.
It is to my knowledge that this is the parts they sang whenever they sang together.
Today i have one of my favorite Boswell Sisters songs, Crazy People, which always makes me smile and marvel at they way they can easily slide from one time to the next, slowing down and speeding up, it just sounds perfect.
Be sure to watch Martha, she appears to be having a wonderful time at that piano.
(please remember the music player at the bottom left of the page)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easy, Authentic, Everyday 1940s Hair

Hello there everyone!  I hope you all had a good Easter.  Now its Monday and after a 3 day weekend its a little harder to go back to work but it helps if you have a not only easy and quick, but authentic vintage hairstyle to brighten up the day. 
Its so easy and it keeps my hair out of my face.  Sometimes i use a snood, sometimes not.  Usually i just leave it plain or use a pretty headband or something.  It's so 40s!
Here i have a video by Ashely from LisaFreemontStreet on YouTube and a link from Solanah at Vixen Vintage  to help you get the basic idea of how to do it.  I have been doing this style for a while now and i will probably , sometime down the road, post a little tutorial on how i do it.
TIP: It helps to hold the side sections straight out from your head, twist a couple times and then pin it. 

~Snoods on the Job 

~ How Solanah Does 1940s Hair


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

I havent really been posting lately because i've been so busy making a new stuff for Easter (dress, hat, gloves that sort of thing) and i just got a new haircut so I've been obsessed with trying new things with it.   Just thought I'd say hello to all my gals out there and wish you all a Happy Easter!
Remember this Resurection Sunday that Jesus Christ died for your and my sins and on the third day, rose again conquering death and the cross!  Hallelujah, what a savior!
He Lives
Lyrics and music written by Alfred H. Ackley, 1887-1960  Mode: MP3/MIDI

  1. I serve a risen Savior
      He's in the world today.
    I know that He is living,
      Whatever men may say.
    I see His hand of mercy;
      I hear His voice of cheer;
    And just the time I need Him
      He's always near.
    • He lives, He lives, Christ Jesus lives today!
      He walks with me and talks with me along life's narrow way.
      He lives, He lives, salvation to impart!
      You ask me how I know He lives?
          He lives within my heart.
  2. In all the world around me
      I see His loving care,
    And though my heart grows weary,
      I never will despair;
    I know that He is leading,
      Through all the stormy blast;
    The day of His appearing
      Will come at last.
  3. Rejoice, rejoice, O Christian,
      Lift up your voice and sing
    Eternal hallelujahs
      To Jesus Christ the King!
    The Hope of all who seek Him,
      The Help of all who find,
    None other is so loving,
      So good and kind.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1940s Pageboy

Ok, i know i just posted like 15min ago but i JUST came across this video by Ashley of LisaFreemontStreet on YouTube and i am in love.   She shows how to do an easy Pageboy style that is going to work with me because i am getting my hair cut soon.  I can't wait to try this!
Is is defiantly worth your time to watch this quick video.

Monday, April 2, 2012

There's No Place Like Kansas

  Really good vintage hair is hard to do in Kansas.  Some days it's hot, others cool.  It's almost always windy.  There's weeks without rain, then a sudden outbreak of severe weather.  Sometimes it rains for days in a row.  Oh yea, and let's not forget the wind.  And then there are the days when its perfect outside.  And did i mention the wind?
  You probably get the point.
  Most of the time its windy and there my perfect Rita Hayworth hair goes down the drain. Er, out the door. (blown out the door by the wind, get it? Never mind)
  Most of the time i just put up with it, but it all but ruins the curls and i have pin it up away from my face or something. 
  I was on YouTube yesterday and i found a gal called LongHairedFlapper.  She does a lot of 1920s hairstyles with REALLY long hair.  Mine isn't that long, but I'm no Joan Crawford either.  She recently did a cute little video inspired by Dorthy in Wizard of Oz and i love it.  It looks more authentic on her because her hair is longer but i can do it and it still looks darling.  ( i think)
  So... windy day? Never fear!  Up dos can get old but add this to your list of must try vintage hairstyles.


So long,