Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Snood Inspiration!!

Here we are on another vintage inspired day!
Today i thought I'd go with a little snood inspiration.  My hair is more of bandanna length for working but I'm still addicted to snoods.
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I have a wonderful, easy crochet pattern coming up so i thought i get everybody ready for it with a little inspiration.  ( i know I'm probably driving everyone crazy with the crochet patterns but i just can't resist!)  So here it is.  Its also a little bit of a cop-out because Ive been working a lot in my Victory Garden and i need to post something really fast but i love snoods.  Talk about an easy way to go 1940s!

Simple, yet so elegant.  I could never pull off a rust colored snood and a green dress like she does!

SWOON! So many colors!
a fabric one to match my dress?  Yes thank you!

Protecting her permanent wave!

I think this one is attached to her hat! so cute!

Oh! she has short hair like me! *take note Beth!*

Big ribbons anyone?

Here is a more sweeping, longer style with a small pompadour.  ELEGANT!

Vintage Add for snoods and nets

Umbrella cover and bun snood? who would have thought?

i know this isn't a snood, but i fell in love with this just now

And last but not least, the picture from the upcoming crochet pattern!


Isabella said...

Like you, I absolutely adore the 1940's, but have never considered actually wearing a snood. I will definatley be using your crochet pattern and will be knitting myself a rust coloured one, its just so elegant!
Im new, so would really appreciate if you could take a look at my blog:
Isabella xx

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Oh! Please do post instructions for a snood! I want to make one! The fabric one is interesting, too. . .hum