Monday, April 23, 2012

What's On My Bookshelf: Dear Enemy by Jack Cavanaugh

(no, this is not a sponsored post, just an example of what i like and love and call my own.)

Good Morning and Happy Monday!  I trust that you are having a wonderful Monday for a wonderful week.
Today i wanted to do another one of these 'What's On My Bookshelf' posts because i read a wonderful book last Friday.  Really, i read it in one day.  I couldn't put it down it was so good.

Dear Enemy by: Jack Cavanaugh, published by Bethany House Publishers, copy write 2005.
Here is the description from the back of the book:
"Nurse Anne Mitchell, after seeing firsthand the atrocities of war, has concluded, along with most of her fellow Americans, that the enemy is inhuman and thoroughly depraved.  But when a rouge rescue mission ends in tragedy, a bereft Annie finds herself in the middle of Belgium's Ardennes Forest, behind enemy lines- and captured.  What transpires in the bitter cold of the following days, however, is impossible for Annie to reconcile with er preconceived ideas about the enemy.  Her captor, Karl Hausmann, doesn't fit the stereotype she has embraced- and the encounter changes everything for her.  Tested by prejudice and the separation of time and continents, Anne must build on the awakening if life and love are ever to hold any true meaning for her again.  Dear Enemy is the story of heroic love, faith, and the unexpected, emerging in the wake of one of WWII's most fierce and bloody battles- the Battle of the Bulge."

I have to say that i truly love this book and that i will be reading again.  I read a lot, all the time.  I go to a couple different libraries a couple times a month and  I love it.  I enjoy a lot of books but there are few that i really really love and get into like i did this one.

This book made me laugh out loud at times.  I really loved all of the characters and Cavanaugh made me feel like i knew each one, they were colorful, hilarious, shady, people i loved from the start and people that made honest to goodness shivers run down my spine.  The wit and humor was masterful and crazy (in a way that i love because i could never in a thousand years think of it myself).

It was dramatic.  My emotions were on edge, the situations were tense and real.  Cavanaugh is truly blessed with his writing talent and the way he can weave words so that you really feel the fear, humor, anticipation, eagerness or whatever it may be.  I really got into this story, it was historically, time-period and geographically accurate.  He takes the story smoothly from one surprise to another.  There were so many unexpected happenings~

Another thing is that it is refreshing to read male authors.  Their writing style IS different from female authors, but sometimes they skip some 'important' things and leave us gals wondering.  Not here.  All of my questions were answered leaving just enough to the imagination of the reader.

I think that's enough for now, so I'll close by saying that i will totally recommend this book to anyone, especially for people who love WWII, history and stories with just that perfect touch of romance!


Sean MacKenzie said...

This was my first Jack Cavanaugh read! The book is fantastic. He's one of my fave authors and I'm very inspired by his work. If you like this, check out his "Songs in the Night" series. It had me in tears!

Beth said...

oh the Songs in the Night! they were first jack Cavanaugh books that i read! I cried too! :)