Friday, April 13, 2012

Easy, Authentic, Everyday 1940s Hair Part 2: the Style

  Welcome, welcome, welcome to my little corner of the woods... er, prairie.  (it is Kansas after all)  I dont know what it's like in your part of the country but in mine, its strange!  Its really humid and windy, sometimes its cloudy and then the sun bursts out and then disappears behind fast moving, dark cotton. I heard on the radio this morning that the storm chasers are coming to the area and some have already made it.  Everyone is talking about the severe storms that are supposed to make there way through here tonight and then we're supposed to get a nastier round of them (with some tornadoes) on Saturday.  The news puts an erie expectation on things and kind of dampens my excitement for the weekend.  Pleas remember the folks here in Kansas and in Oklahoma this weekend.  My family down there was saying that the weather guy expected the storms to be even worse than up here.
  Anyway, on to today's business where we will be finishing the wonderful, beautiful, authentic 40s style.
 After taking your rollers out very gently, unless you used larger rollers like Ashley in the LisaFreemontStreet video, you'll have very small ringlets or (if you used setting lotion) some small, funny looking little curls kind of like the picture below.
  The next step is VERY important.  If you have lots of larger ringlets DO NOT do this, just skip to the next step because brushing these out will basically ruin the curls.  If you want your style to be more relaxed then that's fine, brush them, but authenticity and getting the hair to pile correctly on your head is due to having actual curls and not waves.
  As pictured below, take a very large wide toothed comb or pick and comb the lowest curls up, so what you're doing is separating the curl into a million pieces.   Do not panic, its gonna be super wow.  Comb GENTLY until the most of the frizz  is gone.  If it flops into a puffy mess while you move on to other curls, that's just fine, don't pay any attention to it. 
Then comb the other curls out in the same manner, starting with the curls closest to the middle part and then after combing, laying them onto your head.  NOTE: do not comb any of these curls against your hand or head, be gentle and dint comb out the very top curls as much.
  Use your comb to carefully fluff up the bangs in an up/back direction.

  Then take each side, hold straight out from your head and lightly twist back, very carefully and just a very few times.  this is illustrated in the hilarious picture below.  (and no this is not an insult to brown haired greens, because i am one)

The next step is kind of hard to explain and i don't even really know how exactly to do this.  It just comes from  trial and error and so it may take you a couple of tries to do this next step.
  I can tell you this much: to just draw each side back/up, and laying the curls down on your head from behind your bangs and arranging then after pinning in the back... of course i don't have to tell you to do one side at a time, the picture above is just showing you that for, you know, purposes.
The drawing below does not have any curls so you'll be able to see better what is going on so the part that sticks out on the forehead will be shorter when curled and you don't have to pin or have curl in the exact same places.  Do whats best according to experience and your hair type. 

This gives you a very rough idea of whats going on here. 
Remember to pin each side back far onto the head.  I mean back, I'm talking close to the middle part. the curls will spread onto your head.

 Spray this front part thoroughly with hairspray.

  Also remember that there can and needs to be some volume on the sides, which is part of the reason why we twisted it.  We don't want it to be very flat on the sides and then tall on the head, its not flattering to ones face.

  I hope these posts helped.  I did the set last night and then the style this morning just to make sure i hadn't skipped anything or left any important details out so there are a few revisions to Part 1.
  I hope you have a wonderful day!
  So long,

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The Farmer's Daughter said...

Beth! I absolutely love your site and have become a follower today! Can't wait to try this hair style. I'm never quite sure what to do with my hair in the 1940s photos for my blog (The Country Farm Home,'m printing this out and pasting it in my book of ideas! Thanks!