Thursday, April 19, 2012

Free Vintage Crochet Hat Pattern: 1940s Springtime Blossoms

Ok then, we'll try this again.  Something happened and now i have to start over (oh well!).

Good mornin', good mornin'!  I hope you enjoyed that peppy little song the other day.  But now its time to move on with one of my favorite crochet patterns in my favorite department, hats!
I found this the other day on the web and realized just how much i need a good spring hat.  I saw it and just fell in love with it.  The bag pattern will be coming tomorrow, so stay tuned. 
I found it onAntique Crochet Patterns (.com).  They do have some different stuff on there than like a suit pattern!  I just might have to try that some time!
Anyway, here it is, enjoy:

Springtime Hat - Free Crochet Hat Pattern

Free Crochet Hat Pattern:
Crochet a Stylish Ladies Hat

Hiawatha Belastraw Art. 35, 2 Tubes
Steel Crochet Hook No. 0
Flowers for Trimming

Springtime Hat - Crown
Rnd 1: Ch 2, work 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook.
Rnd 2: 2 sc in each st (12 sc). Mark beg. of rnds.
Rnd 3: * Sc in next st, 2 sc in next st. Repeat from * around (18 sc - 6 inc).
Rnd 4: Inc. 6 sc evenly around (not directly over inc. of previous rnd).
Repeat 4th rnd until piece is 6" across.
Work 2 rnds even.
Next Rnd: Inc. 6 sc evenly around. Work even until hat is 5 1/2" from beginning. Sl st in next st.

Springtime Hat - Brim
Ch 2, turn.
Rnd 1: Through back lps only work as follows: Over, draw up lp in next st to measure 1/2", (over, draw up lp in same place) twice; over and through all lps (puff st made) * (ch 1, puff st in next st) 3 times; skip next st. Repeat from * around.
Rnd 2: * Ch 1, puff st in next ch-1 space. Repeat from * around.
Repeat 2nd rnd until Brim is 3" wide.
Last Rnd: Rather loosely work sc in each ch-1 space around. Join and fasten off. Double brim to right side.

Trimming for Springtime Hat
Tack Brim up at one side and trim with flowers as pictured


Sean MacKenzie said...

I think I could more crochet a hat over knitting one. Since I have neither circular or double pointed needles. But cool, I'll check out that Free vintage crochet. Hey do you know if crochet knits are the same as hand knits? As in how you care for them? I'm pretty sure it's the same, but I have read more books on knitting than crochet and I'm just curious.

Beth said...

yes, im not verry good at knitting at all so i love to crochet hats. about your question: just like you i'm not compleatly sure but i think that they are the same. you might do some reserch on them just to make sure!
thanks for your comment,