Monday, April 2, 2012

There's No Place Like Kansas

  Really good vintage hair is hard to do in Kansas.  Some days it's hot, others cool.  It's almost always windy.  There's weeks without rain, then a sudden outbreak of severe weather.  Sometimes it rains for days in a row.  Oh yea, and let's not forget the wind.  And then there are the days when its perfect outside.  And did i mention the wind?
  You probably get the point.
  Most of the time its windy and there my perfect Rita Hayworth hair goes down the drain. Er, out the door. (blown out the door by the wind, get it? Never mind)
  Most of the time i just put up with it, but it all but ruins the curls and i have pin it up away from my face or something. 
  I was on YouTube yesterday and i found a gal called LongHairedFlapper.  She does a lot of 1920s hairstyles with REALLY long hair.  Mine isn't that long, but I'm no Joan Crawford either.  She recently did a cute little video inspired by Dorthy in Wizard of Oz and i love it.  It looks more authentic on her because her hair is longer but i can do it and it still looks darling.  ( i think)
  So... windy day? Never fear!  Up dos can get old but add this to your list of must try vintage hairstyles.


So long,


Lisa said...

I LOVE her youtube channel! I have so much hair and so does she! You know it was her Lady Mary from Downton Abbey post that made me realize the awesome power of hair rats (which has changed my quality of life dramatically). I'll have to check this video out, too cute!

Sean MacKenzie said...

Very neat! My sister {and I of course} adore Judy! And I have a pattern for her blue gingham jumper ensemble! How cool would it look with this?!?!?! Awesome, definitely going to try someday. And my sis is going to try and grow out her hair, if she sees this she'll probably be more determined!