Thursday, May 3, 2012

Inspiration: For the Love of Aprons!

Hey y'all!  Sorry i haven't been posting as usual. I've been terribly busy with my Victory Garden and sewing and crocheting for upcoming events.

This morning i wanted to do a little apron post just because i love aprons.  Who doesn't?  I've recently become addicted to them and thought i would post some pretty pictures and patterns of vintage aprons.
I love to sew them.  Not only are do they serve a wonderful purpose (for i am quite messy in the kitchen) but they are SUPER cute.  I usually wear a half apron when cleaning around the house, a full apron for cooking and baking (for obvious reasons) and when one of those gets old and worn out,  I put them out in the barn/shed for gardening and yard work.

Here's a tip, even if you haven't mad the apron yourself, you can still put your own mark on it.  Dressing it up with rick rack, piping, harmonizing colors of bias tape or lace can revive an old apron and give it a vintage feel.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of vintage aprons.

Be sure to CLICK HERE for an adorable sewing project from one of my favorite blogs, Country Farm Home to learn how to turn an old pair of jeans into an apron!


how cute is this?

does anyone see her dress? her shoes? (swoon)


A smile makes an apron so much prettier!

The color possibilities are endless with this one

i love over the head aprons.
The only 'problem' I've ever had with them is a good, voluminous set!


nothing says WWII or 1940s than a red, white and blue apron!

  I love the empire waist and criss-cross back on these!

Gingham and Pie! my two favorite combinations!

Simple, fabric saving aprons (because of fabric rationing)
were dressed up with embroidery and colorful fabrics


The cute 50s housewife!


This one is just perfect for a party on the porch!  (notice the little tulip pocket!)

His and Hers!


That's all for now. 
I hope you enjoyed this little trip through history with me.

Which one was your favorite?

Ready to get crackin' on vintage aprons now?



The Farmer's Daughter said...

Beth! What a great post! I love the pattern of the ones that go over your head. I've never seen that one. Well, I love ALL of em. I never have too many aprons! And, I can never pass one up when I'm out junking.

Thank you so much for linking my post, A Shabby Chic Apron From Denim Jeans, to this post! So nice of you! I'm linking your post with mine right now! The two compliment each other so well. What a good idea!

Doll in the Looking Glass said...

Beth -- Your aprons triggered so many memories of childhood. My grandmother always wore the over the head style. Mom was a 50's gal and favored the tie around the waist style.


cathywhatisoldisnew said...

I love this post! I collect vintage aprons and really enjoyed the history- and cute patterns. Would you mind if I also linked to this post sometime from my blog?