Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pin Curl Sets and Lauren Bacall Hair!

I've been setting my hair in pin curls for the last four nights.  I get on stuck on doing different styles and methods over and over until i get it perfect, and then it looses its mystery now that i know how to do it and i move on to something different.  I do have to  admit though, that for about the 3 months after i got addicted to vintage, i hated the pin curl.  Yes, that's right.  It was hard and frustrating.  Now i love it.  i got practice by doing the little strands at the nape of my neck to get a longer lasting, sturdier curl back there and also when i got it cut, they were too short to curl tightly around any rollers.  So here i am, officially a pin curl addict!
I came across some AWESOME setting patterns on the web yesterday.  I was on the computer almost all day, (just addicted really) and I have narrowed it down to my favorite diagrams.

~This authentic Lauren Bacall setting pattern is from a blog, but i cannot find it! Please contact me if you have any information so i can rightfully link to it.
I really like this.  Very fast, simple, smooth and easy!  Oh yes, and so old Hollywood!

~ This is also an set pattern from the 40s.  I like this one (i did it last night) because it says that it looks good on girls with long faces (like me).  It made my eye length modern bangs look like an honest to goodness retro fringe, although i prefer to do it with a flat iron because my pin curls were not consistent in size.  I also ALWAYS add more curls to the back because i have pretty thick hair and i just like some more in the back.  And you cannot from the picture, but there are two wonderful pin curl waves. (one on each side because the two top rows on side curl forward and bottom row aims away from face.  I sport them right now as i type!)

~This Glamorous style is much like the picture below.  I cant wait to try it!  I just LOVE pin curl waves.  It will take a little work and a little gel to get my bangs to stay back but i think i can pull it off!

Pinned Image
I do not know who this is but as soon as my hair grows out a little, i am so doing this!
Isn't she just divine? and glamorous? and, oh heavens, just beautiful?

Also, be sure to check out this awesome fringe/ bang wave by CLICKING HERE to go to Snoodlebug, a vintage blog with lots of inspiration.

Lisa shows how to go from this:

To this!:
Lisa of Snoodlebug Vintage
Isn't it wonderful? I tried this the other day and i am doing it again!

what about you? Done any super sets lately?


The Farmer's Daughter said...

Wow! I'm so excited about this post! Would you believe I was looking on the net for how-tos like these just yesterday? thanks, Beth. Can't wait to try them. . .

Vintage Living Magazine said...

It's lovely!

Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

I just did a Rita Hayworth set yesterday and it turned out so beautifully that I'm working on the tutorial. I love that Lauren Bacall set...and Lisa's hair is always perfection!! x

Sean MacKenzie said...

It's so neat to finally see you! :) Very pretty hair, Beth! I'm sort of afraid to do pin curls with short hair. I may attempt it if I let my hair grow long again. Which I've really been contemplating, like all the way to my waist this time. Well, we'll see.

Nika Chick said...

Thank you for this post. Now I know how to make little bit different pin curls and I will definitely try it nearest time!

And I like your blog very much :)
It's great you have special page for sheet music.

Nice to meet you! Nika

Anonymous said...

Eleanor Parker is the lady with the beautiful full hair style

Jagna said...


I was about to put Eleanor Parker as your divine mystery lady when I saw someone did already.

So I am seconding that!

Think, 'Baroness' in 'Sound of Music'.

J. Z.