Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Free Vintage Crochet/Knitting Pattern: Easy 1940s Ladies Bolero

Good morning and welcome back to Victory Vintage.  Today i am showcasing  a pattern i am just finishing up.  I fell in love with this on the web (i'm sorry i dont know where i got it) and commenced to making it.

What vintage projects are you working on this week?

So long,


The Farmer's Daughter said...

Aren't you clever! There's no way I'd ever figure all that out! I'd love to see the one you've made. My Grandmother could knit, crochet, embroidery, sew--you name it, she could do it. Your post reminded me of her. Thanks, Beth!

Beth said...

Wow thanks! i just try my best to be resourseful and save time. i love to do things like this so it doesnt seam hard, but if it does get to be a challenge, i just start over with whatever it is and put that on my 'tried and didnt work' list.
Maybe i WIll post some pictures of it! (as soon as i finish it that is :))

Sean MacKenzie said...

This looks interesting and I'd knit or crochet it. Heck, maybe I'll attempt one of each.

Anyway, what bust size or estimated bust size for this?? I'm a 37" and have broad shoulders. Would it work for me??

Beth said...

I think the bust size is 34" but i'm not compleately sure.
I have broad shoulders too (and long arms) but it fits ok. I'm sure you could increaseit more or make more stiches to fit your measurements