Thursday, February 7, 2013

why i don't watch Downton Abbey

I know you're going- "what?", but bear with me on this.  This is an entirely personal decision in response to some strange things i've experienced and is not to persuade or enfluence anyone weather or
not to watch the show.

Its not that i dont like the show Downton Abbey.  In fact, i think its pretty cool.  What vintage nut wouldn't?   Cool clothes, cool hair, beautiful ladies, cute guys, dramatic situations... etc.   ( whoops, and let me clarify that you dont have to be a nut to like it.)

I've never been a faithful watcher.  I first saw it near the end of Season 2 after we got a new antenna for our tv.  Yes, our here in rural Kansas we were just recently able to get public television. (we still dont have cable, by the way, but thats another story.  And i dont miss what I've never had, so its not that big of a deal.)
i was impressed and distantly anticipated the next season.  I've never been caught up in TV show obsessions or anything like that.  Anyway, this past January i saw something that reminded me of some things i'd rather not remember.  It put this strange, murky feeling over the rest of the episode that continued into the night, and into the next day.  It was one of those things that i couldn't shake off, like a ghost was following me around or something.  I decided that my like for the show wasn't enough to have a funny feeling, so i kind of eased away and tried not to think about it.  The show suddenly seemed kinda dark, sad and too much like a modern soap opera or something.
I know it sounds funny to let my emotions get in the way of a good tv show... goodness sake it sounds ridiculous now that i'm writing it out, but it was like ' eeh...' when it was over, turned of the tv, thought 'probly wont do this in a while' and that was that.

I have watched it a bit since then, but on occasion, even before i first saw Downton Abbey, i have been asked if i watch it because you know.. i like vintage.  And folks obviously see that.  and you know, Downton Abbey is kind of... vintage, antique-ie... or something.
you may like that, thats fine! I kind of like it to, but just because i wear vintage or personally sewn dresses and set my hair doesn't mean i'm addicted to it.

So there it is, why i don't watch Downton Abbey.


Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

There's a LOT of tv shows that I don't watch for that same reason. It's a bummer because I know I'm missing good entertainment but some things are better off left alone!

Sean MacKenzie said...

I can understand why so many others don't like the soap-esque nature of Downton and if it weren't a period drama, I may not like it as much.

But I must say almost all television today is like a soap.