Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Gaucho Serenade and Winter Cheer Up

I have lately become obsessed with this song.  I think it was popular in the late 1930s and/or early 40s. 
Ann Sheridan is absolutely stunning in this video, and Humphrey Bogart looks very young and dashing.

On that topic, some stuff about the 'winter blues' has been going around.  I've never really experienced this- i think because i'm pretty busy and hardly think about things like that. Sure i like it when the sun shines, but i also like stars and and cold and it doesnt seem like my mood is very contingent on the weather. However, have been distantly obsessed with a kind of part time, unrealistic, tropical dream.  I want to go down south to, i dont know, Cuba or Mexico.  Some tropical place like that.  Tons of things deter me, hence the unrealistic part.  Especially, especially because i want it to be like some 1940s movie.  you know, i want to go there, but only if its like going there in the 40s.  Thats how i picture it.
Strange i know, but a girl can dream.

I have also been working on some Mexican/southwestern inspired 40s pieces for summer (peasant blouse, circle skirt, etc.)

here are some inspiration photos i've dug up

I really really love 40s pants and shorts

Rita Hayworth could really rock a Mexican outfit

and now, some west coast/Hawaii~

and finally..

It does kind of make me wonder what happens... (!)

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wacky tacky said...

I feel the same! I want to go on a cruise...but only if it is like "Now, Voyager" or "An Affair to Remember." None of these cruises where the boat sinks or they lose power. Thanks for all of the great images!