Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend ( and Victory Garden update)

The dates are very messed up on the following pictures because i have been having some trouble with my camera, but here are a few pictures of what i did this weekend.

On Sunday, our family went on a small road/day trip after church.  It was a little cool and windy (it froze the night before) but the sky was very blue and the grass is finally green again.
The funny thing about Kansas is that one week can be 90 degrees or more, and the next, we get our first hard freeze of the season.  It was fun to wear socks with my Mary Janes nd a 1940s sweater though.
I got tons of pictures, but some of the good ones (like a WW2 airplane and neat old houses and barns) didn't upload right, so this is just a taste. 
Of course they don't do justice, because everywhere we looked it was nothing but rolling hills and wind turbines that looked like they were touching the sky.

Saturday was very cold and windy, they sky was covered with clouds and so i didn't do a whole lot but watch a couple movies and eat some chili.  I love Judy Garland's lte 30s early 40s movies, particularly the ones with Mickey Rooney.
I am in love with Judy's hair.
the following picture i took right off the TV, but i also spent a better part of the afternoon looking at some pictures online.

i like her part here. its near the center, but sill considered a side part. VERY 30s
Babes in Arms,  one of the movies i watched and where this picture is from.

Victory Garden!!  It was very hard to keep everything watered the summer and the hear just wouldn't let the tomatoes or cucumbers live at all.  i got lots of zucchini and summer squash in June/July.  Thankfully, when September came and it started cooling down i started getting some jalapeno peppers, some bell peppers...
...some banana peppers...

... and cantaloupe!  The one below is not quite ready, only about the size of both my fists, but we've had some already.

Made a cherry cobbler!

How was your weekend?



MistressCatgirl said...

Lucky you ! My garden went to waste because of freak rain and hail storm. We have some peppers but the plants are still young.

Sean MacKenzie said...

Everything looks great. That cobbler especially, I've got an awful sweet tooth. Just wish I had more time to exercise. :-/

Our weekend...
One word: CRAZY!!!!!!!!