Wednesday, February 15, 2012

World War Two - Buy War Bonds

                   "SCARED KID?"

              "[Heck] no.  I don't scare easy.  But I'm no fool eaither.  I know where I'm going... and its no to a church social.  But I'm an American, and all my buddies are Americans.  We've got a messy job on our hands and we're doing it.  Because we know it's got to be done.  You folks back home have a job, too.  Like buying War Bonds.  And I dont mean War Bonds you can afford eaither... I mean War Bonds you can't afford.  War Bonds that mean being inconvinanced... one-thousandth as much as those guys who havent had their wet, stinknig clothes off in three weeks of crawling around in the jungle.  War Bonds that mean being uncomfortable... one-thousandth as much as those kids lying out in the desert, waiting for the medical boys to give them a hypodermic... So forget that 10% stuff.  Buy War Bonds untill you can look at the guys who come back with one arm or no leg or no eyes, without a guilty feeling in your heart."
   Full page ad, Felt and Tarrant Manufactaring Co., Time, July 12, 1943
     War Bonds, purchased by american civilians during WWII helped finance the war.  They intally cost $18.50 each.  Buying them was highly encoraged by newspapers, schools, radio, posters and the like, was widley viewed as ones patriotic duty.  And what a patriotic duty, with a final amout of $350,500,000,000, Americas effort in the war could have "never been financed without them!"

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