Monday, February 27, 2012

Veronica Lake

  Veronica Lake, an actress who was very popular in the 1940s, signature style used was what is commonly called the Peek-A-Boo bang.  She had little or no layers in her mostly long hairstyle (as far as we can tell), making her style unique.  After looking at popular pictures of Veronica Lake, i noticed the straight part, hair that was mostly flat on her head then feathered out into a wave, and of course, the famous eye covering bang. This is the result of Water Waving (or Water Styling, Wet Styling, etc.).  This means you do it wet wet/damp hair, most usually after a shower.

   This look is very easy if you have grown out layers, no layers at all, no bangs or just longer hair in general.  I then found a video on YouTube (by Lisa Freemont Street, one of my favorites) that explains this technique using easy, old-fashioned methods that are not hard or damaging to you're hair.  In fact, all you have to do is some large pin or rag curls at the bottom ( I've seen some use foam rollers), usually to your chin, let it set or go to sleep, then brush them out in the morning and make a VERY EASY, FAST peekaboo type wave.  It goes like this...

NOTE: You CAN do this style if you have layers or bangs as Lisa shows us here, but if helps if you don't.

  This technique is a basis for lots of different vintage styles, especially if you don't have bangs(like me) and need some 'around-the-face' volume.  
   To beautiful Veronica!

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