Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Norman Rockwell and the 1940s

  I silly little habit of mine is to go to the library and get those great big books of famous paintings that stick out of your book bag, nearly take off you arm trying to hold them all and causing the librarian to frown to herself as she hauls them over the counter to under the scanner.  Some of my favorite ones are Norman Rockwell collections.  They're almost like a photograph, almost better, in vivid color with comical or meaningful messages.  I especially like to look at the ones from the 1940s.  The give a clear picture of what life was like, what Rockwell saw and thought and created. 
Take, for instance, Rosie the Riveter.  Where in the world would we bee without Rosie? (far right)

 Or the cute little USO ladies in their Sunday best, cooing over Willie Gillis Jr. with treats and attention that renders him speechless and makes us smile?  (far left)
And then there's the realistic, thought provoking story teller from Rockwell's Freedom series.

 Now, I'm not going to gush over how great and wonderful Rockwell was,  i'm just saying i enjoy his work and it helps give me a colorful look inside the 1940s when i write or daydream. 

 I'm also not going to complain about how black and white movies and photos are hard to look at and not as interesting.  No, quite the opposite.  I love black and white photos.  They're so much more mysterious and i prefer them over color.  I'm just saying it gives you a better idea.

  Many times when we picture the past, we picture it in black and white or sepia like all the great photos we've seen.  I just think it's nice to see the green and pink dresses for a change. :)

  Because of my 'addiction' to Rockwell's paintings of the 1940s, i just had to include some of my favorites.

  One more thing, some of them may be from the 30s or 50s too and i'll try to blow them up so you can see them better.

(i think, though i can't be sure, that that's Kathrine Hepburn in the magizine on her lap)

That's really all i have time to do now.  of course, there are so many others that i love and could but here but i'll let you find those for yourself.
I hope you liked it!
So long and thanks for reading,

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